you are in safe hands

The maritime industry is changing course and embarking on a new voyage the destination being the decarbonisation of the industry. The success of this voyage depends on the safe utilization of alternative marine fuels and managing the associated risks.

At SGMF, we harness the wealth of knowledge shared by our members, gained from both successes and setbacks in their operational experiences. This collective wisdom forms the foundation of our efforts to raise safety standards across the industry. Through collaborative working groups driven by our members and supported by the SGMF secretariat, we develop and distribute various publications such as Guides, Technical Notices, along with Training resources, all aimed at improving maritime safety.

Our commitment to safe decarbonisation extends beyond our own organization. We actively collaborate and engage with other organisations such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO), contributing our insights to shape regulations crucial for the safe and sustainable decarbonization of the maritime sector.

Join SGMF to share and build upon this experience as the industry undergoes this significant change of course.