training and competence

Right now the use of LNG as a fuel on marine vessels is a growing sector which is introducing some different and challenging factors which need consideration. The LNG in this context will be used as the fuel of the vessel, not the cargo and there is a fundamental difference. Consequently, the transfer of LNG in bunkering operations may receive less focus than has traditionally been expected with LNG as cargo. In addition, the transfer operations may take place in a variety of locations, using various methods, from different sources and suppliers, again a very different environment to what the LNG transportation industry has been used to. We are here to help the industry move to gas as a fuel as simply and as effectively as we can.

Often the human factor is left until last but at SGMF we have put it foremost in order that systems designs and processes can benefit from a framework of competence to safely handle and operate the ships and transfer equipment.

How do we do this for a broad range of industries and regimes that handle the gas from the so called ‘well to wake’ scenario – by an ingenious method factoring of competence right throughout the value chain. Putting people first, middle and last in the process.