We are SGMF, leading safe maritime decarbonisation.

SGMF is a non-governmental organisation committed to advancing safety and best practices in the utilisation of low and zero carbon marine fuels. As a membership-based and not-for-profit entity, SGMF endeavours to promote the safe and sustainable use of low and zero carbon marine fuels. Its primary mission involves developing, gathering, and disseminating industry-leading guidance to encourage responsible operations with low and zero carbon marine fuels in the maritime sector.

Since it was established in 2013, SGMF has been a pioneer in shaping the industry’s approach to methane/LNG. At present, its mandate encompasses a variety of new low and zero carbon marine fuels, providing guidance for the use of methanol, ammonia, and hydrogen. This expansion aligns with the evolving landscape of the marine fuel mix.

Here you will find a number of free resources to help to facilitate the transition towards a more sustainable future.

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BASiL User Guide Ver 6.0

BASiL User Guide Ver 6.0

BASiL User Guide Ver 6.0:

BASiL (Bunkering Area Safety information LNG) is SGMF’s automated LNG gas dispersion tool. It can be used to manage bunkering consistently by defining a safety zone that depends on the type of bunkering operation being undertaken.

This tool is now available to non-members.