GAS Entec, Kangnam Corp. and Goseong O&S said they have started their LNG Ship repair business on 5th of September, 2016. On that day at GAS Entec where the MOU signed, CEO Mr. Kwak said, “Since Korean domestic shipyard mainly focused new building business, ship repair business, especially for LNG ship, has been done in South East Asia or Middle East. So with Kangnam’s long experience in ship repair and Goseong O&S’s great facility, emerging GAS Entec’s LNG engineering capability, we can expand our repair business territory for domestic and further Japanese LNG ship repair as well.”   

Mr. Jung, CEO of Kangnam said, “We will proactively start our ship repair and conversion business with our over-50-year experience in ship repair and our good reference of 50mmscfd Floating LNG Regasification Unit. Also Mr. Ryu, CEO of Goseong O&S said “We start our business with focusing on LNG ship repair and conversion work.” And added “with 520,000 square meter yard area, 1,255m long quay and 900 Ton capacity Goliath Crane, Goseong shipyard with 100K Floating Dock is not fall behind comparing with any shipyard in the world for LNG ship repair and conversion work.”
They also agreed in the MOU to work together for not only LNG Ship repair but also new building of LNG Carrier, FSRU and general commercial ship business. Roles are distinguished as Kangnam’s financial and contract support, GAS Entec’s engineering support and Goseong’s yard, facility and labor support and also sales to be done with all three companies collaboration.