''Halfway through 2022 and nearly three years delayed, the gas fuelled shipping community gathered in Barcelona last month for a thoroughly engaging two days of workshops, discussion, and progress. Alongside this newsletter is a summary of the event to give you a flavour of what it is all about, and I hope to see you at the next one, if you were not there this time around.

SGMF Board 25 met just the day after Gas Fest, and our reunion of member directors agreed on a strategy for the Society which encompasses many of the gaseous fuel candidates. Although all the sustainable marine fuels need to be handled and used safely and some of them represent real challenges, I am confident our committees are up to the task and our growing Secretariat will help us get the best practice guidance out there efficiently. Later this year SGMF is going to Singapore for SIBCON (Singapore International Bunkering Conference and Exhibition) and there we will launch our Ammonia as a Marine Fuel – an Introductory Guide.

Along with continued representation at International Maritime Organization (IMO), I am pleased to announce our acceptance at the United Nations COP 27 (Climate Change Conference), where we will be representing the gas-fuelled shipping industry. It is more important than ever that the decision makers have the facts about our industry at their fingertips, and it will be a first venture for many of us.

We thought it was time to consolidate our work to date on LNG by producing the first SGMF publications boxset, which many of you will have received or seen these last weeks. Every gas-fuelled ship should have one on board and I can envisage further sets being launched for the other fuels in the future. None of this can happen without your support for the Society and I thank you for that – now let’s work on the facts and not the fiction for the other fuels. Meanwhile I look forward to seeing you at an SGMF or industry event soon – perhaps at the Sustainable Marine Fuel Fest next year.'' - Mark Bell, General Manager

We're excited to share with you the summer edition of our Newsletter which is available online, click here to read it. This edition also includes: 

New publications have just landed
Committee updates 
What’s happening in our Working Groups
IMO and ESSF Update
Gas Fest Virtual Workshops – Round V & Gas Fest Barcelona – rebranded to SMF Fest
Checking in on our WiGS 
New Team Members
Membership Update – 9 new members!
Upcoming Events

The SGMF Team wishes you a great summer ahead!

Happy reading!

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