For the last four months, RelyOn Nutec has been working hard on completing the building of a new LNG training facility at their Rotterdam training centre. They opened their first LNG facility in 2014, and with the move to their new location in 2018 they seized the opportunity to further improve and expand their LNG training capabilities.

Unique training capabilities

The new advanced LNG facility offers a wide variety of training options. They can simulate realistic scenarios that cover everything from small leaks to large liquid LNG pool fires of 1,500 liters. Some of the most common scenarios include:

✔ Small-scale LNG flange, pipe and valve leaks and sealing leaks

✔ Connecting and disassembling LNG safety equipment

✔ LNG flange leakage with fire

✔ LNG evaporating liquid pool fire

With this expansion of their capabilities, they continue to offer the most comprehensive training opportunities in Europe. RelyOn Nutec also offers seafarers, who participate in the STCW IGF training courses, the unique opportunity to become acquainted with LNG as a product and the practical application of the technology in a LNG installation in several demonstrations.





About RelyOn Nutec

RelyOn Nutec is an international organisation specialised in the safety of people and organisations. We offer consultancy, education and training to professionals from the offshore, maritime and wind energy sector and industrial and public firefighters. Together with our customers we have been ensuring the safety of their employees and organisations for over 35 years. We ensure that our customers are competent and well prepared for emergency situations and are able to go beyond laws and regulations.

RelyOn Nutec has 37 training centres spread over 20 countries worldwide, with two training centres in the Netherlands in the harbours of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact:

Karin de Raad - +31 6234 37 896 – [email protected]