''Welcome to our mid-year newsletter. Sifting through the fallout and commentary following MEPC 76 there is general disappointment and frustration at the lack of progress. I agree there is an opportunity to increase ambition levels, certainly in the long term, but COP talks in Glasgow later this year will not leave shipping and aviation off the agenda so MEPC77 will come at an opportune time.

Meanwhile at SGMF work continues at pace and I am really pleased to see a third committee inaugurated for the Asia Pacific region amongst a raft of publication completions and updates. Membership continues to grow at SGMF, demonstrating cleaner fuel uptake. While we continue to work remotely, we are pleased to be engaging with our members online with a BASiL webinar(recently concluded), a virtual launch of our latest publications and a WiGS virtual gathering coming up shortly – more details in this edition of the newsletter.

Whilst we all know LNG does not eliminate carbon from shipping, the recent LCA studies and compilations really confirms that LNG does deliver reductions, but moreover carbon-free fuels are far from ‘free’ at present, there is still much to be done to reduce this, especially those well-to-tank emissions, to receive the benefits. Our Technical, Environmental, and now APAC Committees are all contributing to the Ammonia pathway discussion and that will surely be on the Gas Fest agenda in the Autumn.

Finally, we are all working in new ways these last months, but I know we also look forward to in-person gatherings sooner rather than later so from the secretariat – we hope to see you very soon.'' - Mark Bell, General Manager

We're excited to share with you our second Newsletter for 2021 which is available online, click here to read it. This edition also includes: 

  • IMO & ESSF Update
  • Hot off the press: APAC Committee formed to provide regional focus
  • Gas Fest Virtual Workshops – Round III Update
  • New & updated publications that have just landed
  • LNG bunkering guidelines 2021 edition on the way
  • What’s happening in our Work Groups
  • BASiL gets an update
  • WiGS Update
  • Updated independent Lifecycle GHG study
  • Membership Update – 13 new members!
  • Upcoming Events

Happy reading!

SGMF Secretariat