Eagle LNG has just announced the official grand opening of its Maxville LNG Facility. The plant which has been operating since early 2018 has a production capacity of 200,000 liquefied natural gas (LNG) gallons-per-day with a 1 million-gallon storage tank. Maxville is built to supply Eagle LNG’s Marine Fuel Depot – Talleyrand located on the Port of Jacksonville’s (JAXPORT) Talleyrand Marine Terminal.

Integral to supporting maritime fueling, Eagle LNG’s marine fuel depot is a shore-side facility offering 500,000 gallons of LNG bunkering capability, while occupying a small two-acre footprint which allows bunkering at Crowley’s berth where their ships are homeported. The fuel depot is the first of its kind world-wide. As a permanent marine infrastructure, it delivers a long-term LNG bunkering solution at JAXPORT for both domestic and international marine trade routes.

Eagle LNG’s Maxville LNG Facility and the Eagle LNG Marine Fuel Depot - Talleyrand are significant because each contributes to the LNG infrastructure needed for shipping companies to comply with the International Maritime Organization’s rule which requires the reduction of marine fuel sulfur content by January 1, 2020.

The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is expected to approve the larger export facility soon, with first LNG production anticipated from the facility in 2020.