Here we are in October already and who would have thought 2020, the year of change, would have been such a curve ball in the form of this virus which as we now seeing has not gone away at all.

One of the benefits of this new way of working for us all must be improved efficiency. Looking at the tremendous progress from many of our workgroups tells me that perhaps the time we are not spending travelling and commuting can be put to good use.  Our online meetings are shorter and more focused, but we also have the opportunity to make them more frequent, which is proving beneficial especially for our Technical and Environmental committees.

My congratulations to the members involved with the CMA CGM Jacques Saade and CMA CGM Tenere deliveries, and there are many of you, this is a true milestone for Gas Fuelled shipping.  These 20 vessels will see a step increase in LNG fuel volumes but also the reduced GHGs they will emit over their lifetime.

Data is key to all we do, and I am pleased to confirm that we have commissioned Sphera to provide an update of the LCA well-to-wake study for gas as a marine fuel. Expect to see the latest data with a publication scheduled for Spring 2021.

Our Gas Fest programme is underway, and we had the first kick-off session in July. Look out for the virtual workshops in November, and the live programme which is now set for 6-7 July 2021.